The Dream

For all those people inspired by the Olympics, remember every single Gold Medal won, began with a dream!

The difference between the medal winners and the rest of us is that they supported their dream with massive action.

Today as teenagers all over the UK receive their A-Level results, remember that the results are important, but if they’re not as expected, don’t let them get in the way of fulfilling your dreams. In the words of Winston Churchill: “Never, never, never give in”. There is always a way to achieve what you want to achieve, you might just have to look and work a bit harder!!

This is the full version of ‘The Dream’, author unknown, ENJOY…

“A man lay on his bed at the end of his life waiting to die…

His dream came to pay his last respects and bid farewell to the man who had never used it.

As it entered the room the man looked down in shame.

“Why did you not realise me?” the dream asked.

“Because I was afraid,” the man said.

“Afraid of what,” said the dream.

“I was afraid I would fail.”

“But haven’t you failed by not attempting to use me?”

“Yes I have, but I always thought there would be tomorrow.”

“You Fool!” said the dream. “Did it never occur to you that there was only ever today? The moment that you are in right now? Do you think that now that death is here that you can put it off until tomorrow?”

“No” said the man, a tear gently rolling down his cheek.

The dream was softer now, because it knew that there were two types of pain, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret, and while discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds.

Then the dream leant forward to gently wipe away the tear and said, “You need only have taken the first step and I would have taken one to meet you, for the only thing that ever separated us was the belief in your mind that you couldn’t have me.”

Then they said goodbye and they both died…”


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