S p e e d S t u n s !!

Everyone says that we live in a ‘fast-paced’ world and yet …

If everything is so fast-paced – how come so many people are so  ‘s  l  o  w’  at responding?

The title of this document – says it all when we think about the way in which we can improve our reputation – with customers, family members and friends. Speed stuns!

You’ve been to a meeting and want to send an email (or better yet an actual card) to say ‘thank you for the meeting – looking forward to …’

Make certain that it goes off – immediately. Speed stuns!

I’ve lost count of the people who commented on the fact that my ‘card’ was on their desk the morning following the meeting. Sometimes I’ve had to go out and post it in the early evening just to make certain that it would arrive the next morning. Speed stuns!

A client calls and you promise to phone back – phone as soon as you can. Speed stuns!

Your partner calls and asks you to do something – do it now. Speed stuns!

A child says ‘Dad – there’s a problem with my bike – can we get it fixed?’ Do it now. Speed stuns!

You’ve arranged a meeting at your office and say ‘I’ll email you some directions’ Do it instantly. Speed stuns!

You’ve been to see a customer and have to prepare a proposal that’s worth some serious cash to you. As soon as you get back from the meeting, do it now and get it in the post that day – so it arrives the next morning. Speed stuns!

If there’s any competition – they’ll be days (if not weeks) getting their proposal in – and who knows – by then you may even have secured the deal. Speed stuns!

You know what’s great about doing things – now? Well those ‘things’ never end up on a To-Do list, they don’t end up in an in-tray, they don’t end up in a stack of ‘nagging’ items that call for your attention – they’re finished – completed – done! Speed stuns!

Have a momentous and magnificent summer!

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