Are YOU an Amateur or Professional?

The young violinist just off the bus at the Port Authority asked a New York policeman for directions.

“Tell me, sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Practice” came the reply!

Practice is one of the great secrets used to fuel business and personal growth… here’s some food for thought….

“Amateurs practice ’til they get it right, Professionals practice ’til they can’t get it wrong!”

And isn’t that just so true?

Just look at the areas where people are known as professionals – sports, musicians, actors and any activity where there will be an audience to see the ‘performance’.

And in those areas, the ‘professionals’ always practice before they ‘do it for real!’

Footballers spend 3 or 4 days a week practising their skills and yet, in most weeks, they’re only in front of the crowd for 90 minutes.

Actors rehearse their lines over and over again until they’re word perfect and then still have a full dress rehearsal to iron out any last minute changes or thoughts.

Musicians practice for hours to perfect a musical phrase.

It was once reported that a famous musician said, “If I don’t practice for a week – the audience will know.  If I don’t practice for a day – the critics will know.  If I don’t practice for an hour – I’ll know!”

And yet, how many times in our business lives do we make or take the time to practice?  For many people it seldom happens.  It’s so similar to the manager who said to a training consultant:

“But, what if I train my people and they leave?” To which the training consultant replied:

“But what if you DON’T train them – and they stay!”

You and I – and anyone else who considers themselves to be a professional – must make time in the working weeks to practice our skills.  As we’ve all heard before: ‘Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.’  If we are unprepared (unpractised) then the opportunity will only make us look (and feel) stupid.

When a professional golfer finishes a round of golf where he or she has played well, what do they do?  Off they go to the ‘practice’ ground to groove the swing that worked so well for them on the day.  What do professional golfers do when they’ve played badly?  Off to the practice ground to find out what went wrong and how they can correct it.

So whether we ‘play badly’ or ‘play well’, then off to the practice ground we must go.

Why?  Because…

“Amateurs practice ’til they get it right, Professionals practice ’til they can’t get it wrong!”

Wishing you a practice perfecting month!


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