Do YOU Live in a Goldfish Bowl, a Pond or a Lake?

The average Koi fish can grow from 60cm (24’) to 91cm (36’). However, it has been known that Koi can grow to around one metre long.

What’s fascinating is if you place a Koi in a goldfish bowl it will only grow to a couple of inches.

Place the same Koi in a pond and it will grow to over 12 inches.

However the same Koi in a lake can grow up to a metre

So, why am I sharing these facts with you?

Here’s some food for thought to get you thinking…

Are you living your life in a goldfish bowl, a pond or a lake?

What impact is your current environment having on your performance and your ability to grow both personally and professionally?

If you’re a business leader or manager what’s the environment and culture you’ve created for your business and team?

Are they operating in a goldfish bowl, a pond or a lake? Be honest now, what would they say in response?

Do you work in a culture that…

1. Enables YOU to grow and develop?

2. Stretches you outside YOUR comfort zone?

3. Allows YOU to work on YOUR own initiative?

4. Encourages YOU to think act and feel it’s YOUR business?

5. Helps YOU to realise and unlock YOUR real potential?

This development of talent and potential is never more important than at a time of great uncertainty, as we are experiencing now.

The world we all inhabit is changing and moving faster than ever. Change is a constant, what’s on the horizon today is with us – not next year, not in a month’s time, not next week… but TOMORROW!

Therefore to maximise the opportunities that change always  creates, why not take 5 minutes and answer the five questions honestly . Then decide what action YOU can take that will make a positive difference to your environment.

Thought provoking questions, I’m sure you’ll agree…

Best regards, Tony


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